Use the upload API's thumbnail route to programmatically update thumbnails with a single request.

To use this Upload API route you'll need to create an access token with upload permissions.

The Request


This request will upload a new thumbnail, which must be an image, for a specified media. Thumbnails can be uploaded directly or via URL.

Request Parameters

media_id (required) specifies the media to update. The parameter must be multipart-form encoded into the request body or included as part of the query string.

access_token (required) must be included in the request header via bearer authentication.

url (optional) specifies the thumbnail image to upload. Must be a direct file URL ending in a valid image file extension.


cURL is a great way to try out the Upload API and an excellent method of uploading files to Wistia via the command line.

Updating a thumbnail with cURL, local file upload

$ curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" -F file=@<LOCAL_FILE_PATH><YOUR_MEDIA_ID>

Updating a thumbnail with cURL via image URL

$ curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"<YOUR_MEDIA_ID>&URL=<IMAGE_URL>