Programmatically access your video metrics, viewer activity, and more.

Want to figure out which of your Wistia videos your users have already viewed and recommend them ones they haven’t so they don’t get bored? Want to make sure you purposely recommend the same videos repeatedly until they’re annoyed enough to convert?

Look no further, developers: the Wistia Stats API has you covered.

You’ll need an API token to use the Stats API. Head on over to Making API Requests for instructions on how to generate one and learn about using the Wistia APIs!


Stats rounding for percentages

Percentage values provided by the Stats API are rounded to whole numbers.


Events/Heatmaps data retention window

When using the Events List or Events Show methods in the Stats API, these endpoints will only return Events from the past two years. This is the standard data retention period for Events (aka Viewing Sessions / Heatmaps).