The Wistia data API gives you all kinds of programmatic access to your Wistia account. The data is available in either JSON or XML format over HTTP.

Youโ€™ll need an API token to use the Data API. Head on over to Making API Requests for instructions on how to generate one and learn about using the Wistia APIs!


Note on Projects => Folders update

Folders in Wistia were previously called Projects, however our API endpoints still reference Projects. These are two labels for the same container for organizing media in Wistia, so any Project endpoint or method will work for Folders.


Note on Channels and Audio Files

If you're looking for data on Channels, see our Channel-specific API endpoints. API support for Channels is limited, however all Channel Episodes are pulled from media in projects/folders, so the Projects or Media endpoints will provide more options for accessing your data programmatically.

We do not formally support using our APIs for audio files at this time.